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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Boyfriend Thief by Shana Norris

Avery James has her life planned out: this summer she'll work with a humanitarian program in Costa Rica, next year she'll graduate at the top of her class, and after that, college and medical school. Perfect, planned, total order.
The only problem: getting the rest of the money she needs for the trip before the deadline. Hannah Cohen, her biggest competition for the valedictorian title, makes an unexpected offer: If Avery can win over Zac Greeley and make him break up with Hannah before the end of the school year, a check for five hundred dollars is all hers. Faced with the prospect of spending yet another summer working as a giant hot dog, it's an offer Avery can't refuse.
Zac is nothing like Avery expected. Within his chaotic world of midnight slushie runs and spontaneous dance parties, her total order is quickly falling apart while Hannah seems poised to get everything she wants. But just how much is Avery willing to give up for the perfect, planned life?

The Review:

The Boyfriend Thief is one of those novels that you thought will just be a light, feel-good romance read but it's not. Well, not entirely. It has that feel-good romance alright, but it also has it's own depth. 

 The story is about Avery James, a girl who likes everything organized (to the point where I think that maybe she has OCD). She was offered by her biggest rival, Hannah, to steal her own boyfriend, Zac. Since she is short on money for that summer job in Costa Rica, she accepted her offer and went for him, only that, Zac was nothing she expected. The problem is, she's falling for the real Zac, the one who's crazy enough to invent slushie flavors and funny enough to go to a bar as a comedian every night. With her feelings toward him, she doesn't know which to choose: the summer job in Costa Rica or to leave the past behind and have Zac Greeley in her life? 

 This novel is somewhat engrossing that it had me giggling, tearing up, smiling like an idiot, and swooning over Zac the rest of the novel. Definitely worth-reading!

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