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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vamprie Shift (Kiera Hudson #1) by Tim O'Rourke

When twenty-year-old police recruit Kiera Hudson is posted to the remote town of The Ragged Cove, her life is changed forever. Investigating a series of horrific murders, grave desecrations and missing persons, with her unique ability of ‘seeing’, Kiera soon realises her life is in danger. 
But when Kiera is crewed with Police officer Luke Bishop, not only is her mind and heart opened to a terrifying new world, she comes to suspect that Luke might be involved in the killings. 
In a race against time to unearth the truth, Kiera must discover the identity of who or what is behind the gruesome deaths on the ‘Vampire Shift’.

The Review:

So I've finally given this series a chance. I've been seeing this book's cover on my friends' shelves very often lately, but paid it no attention 'cause I thought the cover's a little too over-the-top (and cheesy). BUT, my curiosity got the best of me so I gave it a try and was reminded: Never judge a book by its cover.

Vampire Shift is about a 20-year-old police constable Kiera Hudson, the MC, who is recently assigned to investigate a very strange town called The Ragged Cove. There, she met her new colleagues, Murphy, Potter, and the eye-catching constable Luke Bishop. Kiera has a gift of seeing what other people can't---not like having a third-eye sort of gift, but more of being a very keen observer; that she notices every clue there is behind a crime scene that other investigators miss. With that said, Kiera is fully confident that she can and will solve the mystery behind the murders in The Ragged Cove. That is, until she found out that the answer to the said mystery is quite the opposite of everything she've concluded.

The story was really UNpredictable, at least for me. At the first few pages, I was rolling my eyes because I thought I have figured everything out by that time. I thought I was one step ahead of the main character in solving the mystery---which is, as you know, very annoying because nothing seems surprising anymore---but, boy, I was so wrong. I even came to a point wherein, like the main character, I don't know who and what to believe in anymore. Like, I'm doubting every character in the book because I was so clueless as who the culprit/s are. Another thing that I liked the most about this book, apart from the twist and turns of the story, is that every question I've had while reading it were answered; there were completely no loose ends. Except, of course, the cliff hanger in the end (but that's okay because there are sequels for that). 
And, I must point out that I liked Potter more than Luke, just sayin'. :P

So, if you haven't given this book a chance yet, then trust me my fellow booknerd, that this series is not to be missed!

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  1. I'm going to listen to you and read it.
    I too thought the cover was cheesy and the 1st few pages that I read, I felt like I already knew the story.

    But since you say such good things about it, I'll give it a go.