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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Angel With Attitude by Michelle Rowen

The Blurb:
Valerie Grace isn't quite sure how she went from heavenly angel to plunging into the killer whale tank at Niagara Falls' MarineLand, but that's what's happened. All she knows is that earth can be a tough place for a fallen angel, what with all the demon Tempters lurking around every corner, anxious to recruit her to the "other team" - the evil team. All she can do is keep an eye out for the elusive Key to Heaven, try to help people, and hope that somebody up there notices what an angel she is, even if she's not literally one anymore. And try to avoid that really cute tempter, the one with the pale gray eyes and hypnotic smile, the one that makes her forget her own name and the fact that she's supposed to be a good girl.

The Review:
Just finished reading the book, and I must say that the story is unique (imo). It was my first read of a fantasy romance novel which has angels and demons for characters. The plot is not as predictable as I have thought before reading it. There were hilarious comebacks, sexual yet romantic tension between the characters, and of course, several twists that you would never (well, I've never) predict nor expect in the end. I found myself giggling like a teenage girl while reading parts of this book, I find their chemistry to be undeniably amazing as both characters are defiant of what they feel towards each other. What I love more in this book is that it has all the excitement and the hype that I'm looking for in a story making it more worth-reading, and that the romantic parts are not too heavy, instead it was funny and cute and sweet at the same time. I know that I like the story when I read every single line of every paragraph there is in a novel without skimming through any of it, and with this book, I haven't. I was never bored reading this book. You'll love Reggie, I'm telling you, he's hilarious. :) Anyway, what I did not like here is the way it ended. I mean, after all the hype in the climax, the ending just does not suffice. Don't get me wrong, I do love happy endings, but this one's not as creative as I thought it will be. It seems like it was all quickly sewn up. I just wished Ms. Rowen did better with the way the story ended. All in all, Angel With Attitude is a light, very entertaining read and is easy to put down without wanting another sequel. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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